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Posts tagged "Nursing Home Malpractice"

Nursing home malpractice: Not only abuse or violence

Nursing homes may cause your loved one pain or injury in several ways, and many of them could be a result of negligence or neglect. Malpractice doesn't always have to involve abuse, violence or missed medications, though. It can also come from failing to help your loved one to the restroom in time or not responding to requests for more water or food.

Nursing home neglect and abuse doesn't have to be physical

Nursing homes have a responsibility to patients and their families. They have many employees ranging from kitchen staff to nurses and doctors, and each of these people has a responsibility to be kind, patient and helpful to the patients in their care.

Ohio nursing home makes news for neglect

Nursing home negligence is a serious problem among nursing homes in the United States. Nursing homes don't always provide the standard of care that people expect. In fact, there are many cases that happen each year involving patients who are hurt or killed because of negligence, errors or malicious behavior.

The elderly deserve protection against abuse in Ohio

Every state has laws to protect the elderly. These laws help prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation of those who are unable to protect themselves against it. This is important to know if you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse or exploitation in a nursing home.

Top-ranked Ohio nursing homes devote themselves to good care

While there are a few bad apples in Ohio's nursing homes, the good news is that 130 of Ohio's nursing homes have been rated as the best in the state. These nursing homes provide some of the best care for patients, which is something every family wants for their loved ones.

Choosing a nursing home: Knowing the rating system

Choosing a nursing home is a critical step in making sure a loved one is taken care of in the long term. Nursing homes are rated in accordance with a number of requirements. For instance, nursing homes with a one-star rating may have a history of abuse or poor hygiene, while five-star nursing homes may have a well-balanced staff and additional benefits for residents.

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