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Posts tagged "Premises Liability"

Liability and restaurants: Premises safety

Premises liability is an important concept to understand. In law, premises liability refers to the owner's responsibility to maintain and keep safe a premises. If the owner is negligent or intentionally causes a hazard, then they may be held liable for any injuries that result.

Water park injuries: Holding a park liable

It's hot outside, and that means it's time to head to a water park. You love the idea of cooling off and having fun, but there are many risks to your health there as well. Besides the risk of waterborne illnesses, there is the chance of injury from waterslides, amusement rides, slip-and-fall incidents and other hazards.

Pet stores are liable if you end up hurt because of negligence

Your kids wanted to pick out a pet, and even though you knew you'd be the one taking care of it in the end, you wanted them to get the experience of living with an animal they'd care for. You took your children to a local pet store to look at fish, small animals and reptiles. While there, an adopt-a-thon was going on. Your children wanted to look at the dogs, so you went to see them.

Liability: Ice and snow could leave many liable for crashes

When you're driving in the winter, you are aware there's a risk of snow and ice. However, did you know that another party could be responsible if you get into a crash because of ice or snow on his or her property? In some cases, not maintaining a property could end up leading to a collision. If you can prove that the owner of a roadway or parking lot was negligent, then he or she could be held liable for damages.

Stores could be liable if you're hurt on Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly here, and with it there is an immense risk of injury. Many people want to go out and shop, but shopping creates liability for store owners on this particularly busy day. Shoppers push, shove and stampede to get the items they want at extremely low prices, but by doing so, they could hurt each other and put the store owners at risk of a lawsuit.

Ohio premises liability | summer, kids and attractive nuisances

The term "nuisance" typically describes something that annoys people, but in legalese, the word can also mean something that poses danger. Taking the concept a step further, the term "attractive nuisance" refers to something that poses danger, but is attractive to children.

Poor maintenance in public stairwells could result in injuries

A common type of accident we handle in premises liability law concerns slipping and falling in public stairwells. Typically, when people approach a set of stairs in a public place they immediately look for handrails. When they see a handrail, people tend to assume the stairs are safe and proceed confidently.

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