Out-of-State Car Accidents Attorneys in Toledo, Ohio

While all motor vehicle accidents are overwhelming, out-of-state accidents increase the situation's complexity and a motorist's uncertainty. Drivers commonly worry whether their insurance carrier will still provide coverage and how to file a claim if they suffered injuries. Cubbon & Associates Co., L.P.A., has assisted Ohio residents with complicated auto accidents since 1953. Our experienced attorneys can unravel the complexities of your case and provide the legal guidance that you require.

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Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies almost always follow drivers throughout the United States, and in some instances, coverage may be international. However, insurance coverage may differ whether your accident occurred in an at-fault or no-fault state. In an at-fault state, you can file a claim for the other driver's insurance carrier to cover your injuries. If your accident occurs in one of the minority states that adhere to the no-fault system, your insurer covers all of your medical expenses regardless of accident causation.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and the accident was caused by the other motorist's negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. If your accident occurred in another state, you may file a claim against the other driver in that state's courts. Our attorneys can explain the claims process and ensure that you adhere to that state's laws to protect your claim.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Lawyers For Assistance

We understand how confusing an out-of-state accident can be. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, call our skilled attorneys for qualified assistance at 419-315-9908. You can also contact our offices online. During our free initial consultation, we can determine whether you should pursue a personal injury claim and provide strategic advice on how to provide your case with the best chances of success.

We commonly represent Ohio and Michigan residents, as well as those from out of state who have been involved in accidents in these states.